Sad News

It is with a heavy heart that I post that in two days, Guardian Networks Garry's Mod Server & Teamspeak will shut down indefinitely or until further funding/interest can be garnered. I started this project with big hopes and larger expectations than I should have for such a short window needing to be filled and sadly, the server failed due to it. While our Garry's Mod services will shut down, the forums will remain up and ready to use once the time is right.

Where to now?
The Domain and website are easily affordable and in light of this, ideas will be bouncing around over the next few weeks. We are, for certain, going to be opening up categories for individual game groups/clans. Currently this thought is in its infancy, but minimally the end plan is to create rank based/skill based systems on this website based upon the clan in question with possible RP/Militaristic aspects also being incorporated. While this forum as of this post is barren of members, I wanted to make this to serve as a place where new members can share input on the future of Guardian Networks Servers, giving both criticisms & ideas. Thanks for reading and best regards.

- Alligator Tater

Happy Launch Day!

Today was launch day, and while it wasn't the greatest it was a personal achievement! Being able to open up a fully functional, unique Garry's Mod server is fulfilling on its own. Now as you may also be aware, we have also changed the category of said server. Instead of categorizing the server under StarwarsRP, we have put it under StarWars CityRP. Make sure to keep an eye out for this category if you are looking to join as our server is one of a kind.

Welcome, Release Date, & Self Intoduction

For people who may or may not be filtering through by random welcome to the official forums for Guardian Networks! We'd love to have you here so stop by a while if you've got the time. 

I am Alligator Tater, the Founder & Sole Developer of Guardian Networks(for now). I am a 21 year old Nursing Major in the State of Texas and a huge Garry's Mod fanatic. If it weren't for Garry's Mod, I most likely would not have bought a steam account or even a gaming PC. I've been gaming for around 12 years of my life, 9-10 of those on PC and it all started with Garry's Mod. This is why I have decided to start what will hopefully grow into a interconnecting network of servers; because I love Garry's Mod and the online community in general. For now though the only server that will be actively running is the up and coming Star Wars City Roleplay.

Well what is Star Wars City Roleplay all about? If you are looking for a more indepth answer you can check out our Rules & FAQ . To shorten the long answer, SWCRP is a vision I have had for many years without the knowledge or financial ability to execute the creation of a server. It was meant to take my favorite aspects of DarkRP, Star Wars RP, and Simple RPG systems and combine them into a Semi-Serious Roleplay environment. And that is what I am doing.

Coming March 29th of this year, the Guardian Networks SWCRP Server will launch bare of a few parts (Leveling system mainly). If a few weeks can be given, I will be able to finish up the fully customized play systems. Your opinions matter and if there is anything in the future you would like to see added, please do not hesitate to head to our Suggestions area. Thank you for your time and I hope to see you all on March 31st.

King Regards,
          Alligator Tater